Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Islamophobia in Australia

Islamophobia in Australia

A decade ago a Stamford Hotel chain removed/relocated bibles from their hotel rooms. As a result Australian airwaves were filled with anti-Muslim fury. A few years later some shopping centre chains failed or were unwilling to decorate their businesses with Christmas decorations and symbols. Predictably because of this, anti-Muslim comments flared up in the media.

Recently Australia had a dreadful bushfire with a few hundred casualties. Some media personalities and questionable academics have been tirelessly trying to
link Muslims with these recent tragic bushfires. The reality is NOT one Muslim was accused let alone convicted for starting any fires in the first place.

This week, for some reason there is a flare up in anti-Muslim sentiment in the media and elsewhere which made futile attempts to link Muslims with the taking down of Christian symbols from a well known hospital’s chapel.

This week a secular activist like Faruque Ahmed has tried to clear the air and to reduce the carefully created and nurtured tensions between Muslims and non-Muslims of Australia. Would you believe a good few radio personalities like the Right Reverent Billy Crews, David Oldfield, Stewart Bocking and John Kerr gave him a chance to do so. However, some media outlets are not answering Faruque’s phone calls. In frustration he used other peoples’ phone to the same programs and they answered straight away! Most of them recognize Faruque and said, “we will call you back mate”. The truth is they did not! Why is this so? Is it the hidden management policy to satisfy a certain pressure block known as the “Israelites of Australia”? Do you think the media personalities are doing so to keep their job and be onside with the Israeli groups?

I say so because recently Australia made a decision not to attend the
Upcoming Anti-Racism Conference without any discussion or debate whatsoever!

This latest decision not to attend the Geneva Conference will tarnish Australia’s image all over the world. Australia’s or rather PM Kevin Rudd’s (secret) decision to boycott the
Upcoming Anti-Racism Conference has given further support that Australia is in support of racism, xenophobia, sexism and other forms of discrimination.

This is reprehensible and contrary to wishes of the majority of fair minded Australian’s.